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I was looking...

2012-08-04 22:24:44 by sackman554

I was looking through my posts and I saw, "I might do scottpilgrim art, but Newgrounds will be first to seeis" So... when I get a scanner I will get them on Newgrounds!!


2012-06-05 21:30:32 by sackman554

HELLO! I am back mates! I made a peice of Artwork and I'll try to post it!

12 Months of Death?

2012-02-22 07:57:55 by sackman554

While I was in bed, thinking, I thought of a collab, 12 Months of Death, this project would be that there would be 12 creators, they build deaths based off of holidays (Mine is New year's :D) and they would feature: the death, AND a funny name that happened (mine might be "New Year's Death") if you get a message from me read it and see what you want to do!!

12 Months of Death?


2011-11-04 11:15:20 by sackman554

Anyone want to go to my website click the link that says "Website"

Madness Day!

2011-09-22 13:49:30 by sackman554

Time to yell an.... Whoops, I thought like Madness on School Bus. Get your wepons and shoot or slice peoples heads off :D

Madness Day!

Just saw Duke Nukem Fail by Gonzossm

Pretty funny? Yeah So it's pretty funny My favorite skit is the trolls 2 one

What's yours? Leave it it the comments below /


2011-07-11 11:35:38 by sackman554

Look at this review on Forest of hate by Acid-Parodox "While I was lisening I was thinking about a kind of scary flash It would show a kid and his parents (the kid's name is Dret) then he keeps having visons of his parents dieing scary part He had to watch his parents die at age 5! pretty scary and I would use this song...but I can't make flash. awesome though!

P.S. Keep up the good work!" what's Acid-Paradox's response? "Wait what???
Leave this track page, authorities are being contacted" That review was made by me, sackman554!


No voices

2011-07-08 11:55:00 by sackman554

yeah im done now

Who wants VOICES!

2011-07-07 08:42:34 by sackman554

Damn im gonna say it once now again I need somthing to do!


2011-05-05 11:09:56 by sackman554

Yeah,yeah. I don't have a mic but who cares? PM me then,Im in!